3 Undeniable Reasons To Consider Getting Subs Delivered For Game Day

posted on: Oct 12, 2017 by: seoteam

most popular subs in americaWhen it comes to choosing the right foods and snacks for game day, there are so many delicious options to choose from. Pizza is always a safe bet, considering the fact that 93% of Americans say they eat at least one piece of pizza per month. But why not mix it up once in a while by trying something new for your football season catering needs? Submarine sandwiches, for example, are vastly under-appreciated and overshadowed by traditional pepperoni pizza or chicken wings. If you need to feed a lot of hungry fans on game day, here are just a few reasons to give the most popular subs in America the love and recognition they deserve.


Fresh Ingredients


According to a 2016 survey, Americans consume more fresh foods — including fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses — than they did three years prior. Subs encompass all of the fresh ingredients of your choice using the most delicious delivery method — a savory sub roll. If you’ve always considered yourself more of a pizza person and are unsure as to whether or not subs are for you, keep in mind that you can take all the ingredients for pizza that satisfy you and put them on a thick sub roll instead. It will truly be love at first bite!




There are many different sub delivery places, and each offers different ingredients. However, there are many varieties of subs that are relatively healthy and diet friendly. Turkey, for example, is a lean meat with very little fat, which is why it is considered to be one of the most popular subs in America. When turkey is used as a base for other vegetables and enveloped in a whole wheat sub roll, it’s a very healthy and balanced meal. By being a little bit conscious of the toppings and condiments you’re putting on your game day sub, you can maximize both taste and nutritional value.




When your favorite team is about to score a touchdown, the last place you want to be is stuck in the kitchen cooking — or worse, washing the Mt. Everest of dishes that has inevitably accumulated in your sink. Save yourself the trouble and get your subs delivered. All you’ll have to do is answer the door and dig in!


Ultimately, being aware of the unexpected yet undeniable benefits of ordering sub delivery can help you make your game day as memorable — and delicious — as possible. For more information about the most delicious subs in America, check out Johnny’s Pizza’s menu today.