3 Simple Steps To Planning The Picture Perfect Pizza Party

posted on: Aug 16, 2017 by: seoteam

how much food should you get when cateringWhether you’re a parent planning a birthday party for a pizza-crazed kid, a children’s soccer coach whose hardworking team just won the big game, or an employee put in charge of catering for the office, you’re probably already considering pizza for your next big event. In a recent survey of 1,000 Americans, 98% said they like pizza, so as one of the most popular foods in America, pizza is bound to be a hit at any event. But before you call the closest pizza shop and order everything under the sun, it’s important to approach the pizza party planning process with purpose. Here are three simple steps to planning the picture perfect pizza party.


STEP 1: Determine The Guest List
How much food should you get when catering an event? The answer is highly dependent on the number of guests. The general rule of thumb is to plan for each adult to have at least three slices and each child to have at least two. Of course, it’s always a good idea to buy more than you need. You should also make sure to offer some food items that complement pizza perfectly, such as chicken wings, salad, breadsticks, pasta, and the most popular subs in America. Don’t forget the desserts and beverages!


STEP 2: Identify Dietary Restrictions
One often overlooked aspect of deciding how much food should you get when catering is offering some options for those with special diets and catering needs. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and non-dairy items are always appreciated by those who have such dietary restrictions. Taking this extra step isn’t an absolute necessity, of course, but your party — and your guests — will be better for it.


STEP 3: Coordinate The Small Details
Once you’ve finalized the menu and number of guests, all that’s left to coordinate food-wise is the timing and presentation. Choose a time you feel is appropriate for guests to start eating and plan for the delivery to arrive at least half an hour early to set up. Allow guests ample seating and table space and create some organizational method to how guests are to get their food.


Ultimately, these three aspects are the biggest details of planning any pizza party or catering event. For more information about where to find the best pizza, contact Johnny’s Pizza.