What Makes A Pizza ‘New York Style?’ You May Be Surprised…

posted on: Nov 22, 2017 by: seoteam

what makes a pizza ny styleApproximately 350 slices of pizza are eaten in the U.S. every second. However, many have touted the deliciousness and delectability that’s inevitable with NY style pizzas. But exactly what makes a pizza NY style? There are a number of unique characteristics. Here are just a few staple qualities of authentic NY style pizza.

Type And Quality of Toppings

One main difference of authentic NY style pizza is its various types and qualities of traditional ingredients. Instead of drenching the dough in sauce, chefs simply spoon on a very light layer so it doesn’t overpower the flavor profiles of the other ingredients. Next typically comes full-fat mozzarella cheese, which is dried and grated onto the pie. And of course, other toppings can be piled on whenever desired.

Gigantic Slice Size

Another genuine component that greatly factors into determining what makes a pizza NY style is the sheer size of the slices (Yes, they’re strictly referred to as ‘slices’ in New York — not ‘pieces’). While regular pizza has no rhyme or reason regarding slice size, NY style pizza slices are known for being gargantuan. So gigantic, in fact, that it’s become tradition to fold the slice in half as you eat it. Not only does this allow the grease to drip in the middle instead of all over your lap or onto the plate, but it also allows the slice to be eaten on-the-go with just one hand. Considering the hustle and bustle of New York City, it’s no surprise that this staple food has become so popular.

Crust And Spices

Finally, the crust of NY style pizza is very thin. It’s also made from high-gluten bread flour. But most interestingly, many New Yorkers attributed the popularity of authentic NY style pizza to minerals present in New York City’s tap water supply. This can’t really be proven or disproven, but many people say that it gives the dough its authentic NY style flavor and texture. In fact, some pizzerias out-of-state even import the city’s water for use in their own pies! Now that’s dedication.

As for the spices, NY style pizza is traditionally topped with dried oregano, dried basil, and dried red pepper chili flakes.

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